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STAN's Commercial experience includes a wide range of projects where the scope includes design and/or commissioning.  Many of the projects require precise temperature or humidity control.  Virtually every project today adds the requirement for cost effective low maintenance systems which are also energy efficient.


Please contact us for an in depth list of completed projects.

HVAC / Central Utility Plant Retrofit
Dayton Art Institute, Ohio


The Dayton Art Institute is a landmark in the downtown area.  Over the years, numerous additions and changes of use have occurred.


The facility is located near the underground aquifer in Dayton.  To substantially improve cooling efficiency, STAN engineered a new chilled water plant to reject heat to well water.  This reduced the energy use for cooling from 1.38 kw/ton to 0.51 kw/ton, a reduction of 63%!  The boiler plant was replaced with new hot water equipment with redundancy for unscheduled maintenance or failures. New controls optimized total plant control.  The new plant was specifically designed so that it could be constructed and placed in operation while the existing systems were still operable.  This allowed for continuity of indoor conditions for protection of the artwork in the museum.


The total cost for this project was approximately $3,250,000.00.  This project illustrates our ability to retrofit a complex and sensitive building while occupied, to engineer systems for substantially greater operating efficiency, and to precisely control temperature and humidity to preserve the vast museum collection.

Visteon Village
Visteon Corporation, Michigan


Visteon Corporation is a leading global supplier of automotive systems, modules and components to vehicle manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket.  Visteon Village is the new corporate office, which is a consolidation of 13 non-manufacturing sites in southeast Michigan.


This exciting project involved construction of an entire campus from the ground up for research and administration.  STAN participated in a National competition to provide commissioning services for this project.  Selection was based on overall philosophy, demonstrated ability, and experience of staff members.


The project scope included all aspects of commissioning from design reviews, through commissioning plans and functional testing.  The 263-acre campus consists of 9 new buildings, a central chilled water plant for heating and cooling, and over 1,000,000 square feet.  Spaces include offices, conference rooms, complex laboratory and research facilities, and common areas for food service, retail, and employee support.  All HVAC systems, DDC controls, fire alarm systems, emergency power generation, and related components were commissioned.  All aspects of electrical power and technology were included in the commissioning.  The total project cost was approximately $300,000,000.00.  The new campus was constructed under the guidelines of the US Green Building Council, and the entire project was LEED certified.    


The cost and schedule advantage of our “Hands On” commissioning approach were very apparent on this project as we began the process while under construction. 

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