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Design Engineering

STAN Engineers is a full service MEP firm and leader in the design of high performance buildings.  STAN has extensive experience across a wide range of projects, so whether you are designing a new state-of-the-art facility or renovating an existing building our team provides the solutions to meet all of your engineering needs.

Energy Engineering

Energy optimization and sustainable design have always been cornerstones of the STAN philosophy.  STAN is an Energy Star partner and a strong proponent of LEED Certification.  Whether constructing a new LEED facility or simply looking to improve energy efficiency, our team offers a broad range of energy services to meet all of your needs.

System Commissioning

Commissioning includes the process of testing and verifying the performance of various building systems to ensure they meet the owner’s requirements.  The STAN commissioning team experience and qualifications are second to none, resulting in improved energy use and increased occupant comfort for building owners.


As recognized experts in the field of building systems engineering, STAN provides a wide variety of miscellaneous consulting services.  Forensic engineering/expert witness, HVAC studies and reports, HVAC seminars, and maintenance planning are common examples of the services provided by STAN Engineers.


“Selecting the proper commissioning agent is critical to the ultimate success of any construction project.  The agent must be adept not only at critically analyzing a design, but also must present that critical analysis to a design professional that is not always receptive to constructive criticism.  STAN's team has the proven ability to firmly and professionally submit their recommendations.  They understand the client's needs and are able to relay these to the design professional team.”

Robert A. Teitenberg

K-12 Manager

Turner Construction Company

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