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Hospital & Medical Facilities

STAN has a long term history of medical projects, beginning in 1981 when the company was formed.  STAN completed energy efficient engineering projects long before the requirement was established to meet LEED and customer objectives.  In medical facilities, emphasizing energy efficiency and precise temperature, humidity, and pressurization control requires significant precision and attention to detail.


Please contact us for a complete listing of our vast Medical engineering experience.

Capital Health Replacement Hospital
Hopewell Township, New Jersey


Capital Health completed construction of a new state-of-the-art hospital to replace the 112-year-old Mercer campus using the CM at Risk process. STAN completed all commissioning contributing to LEED Gold Certification.


All patients in this 596,492 square foot hospital have private rooms for greater comfort and improved care. The six-story patient tower is linked by a five-story atrium to a 328,199 square foot, six-story building that houses physician offices.

Commissioning was performed to LEED Enhanced standards and included a complete mechanical and electrical review of construction documents. The STAN design review identified a gross error in sizing of the HVAC systems. Substantial redesign was required.  The identified error, which was the result of all HVAC components being oversized due to mathematical errors, had an $8,000,000 impact on project budget.  We also identified numerous errors in sizing of the high and medium voltage power distribution and lack of proper coordination of motor control centers with motor sizes.  


Construction of this 924,691 square foot medical facility did not meet schedule expectations, but STAN utilized multiple commissioning teams to complete all functional testing before occupancy.


This project illustrates our extensive knowledge of HVAC systems and controls for precise temperature and humidity control applications, and our ability to work with a CM at Risk team.

Bassett Army Community Hospital Renovation
Fort Wainwright, Alaska


The Ft. Wainwright Bassett Army Community Hospital located in Fairbanks, Alaska serves the Army and Air Force personnel and their families as a complete medical center. The building was designed as a stand-alone facility in the event of a total loss of outside services, severe Alaska weather, or a maximum seismic event.  The Emergency Department (ED) required major renovations to accomplish the required patient care, and improved work flow and functionality.

The ED is served from below by a substantial sublevel that houses water and waste utilities.  The ED is also served by a distribution level above, which houses all medical gas piping and sanitary vent piping, as well as HVAC components.  The distribution level also provides all power related utilities and technology components to the floor below.


All new plumbing was engineered for the complex needs of an ED with full trauma capability.  The HVAC system is dual duct variable air volume.  This is being modified for new space loads and functionality with interface to the main hospital DDC system and graphics.  Normal and emergency power is provided as required in this intense health care environment, along with all of the complex technology systems, all being integrated to existing central systems.


This project demonstrates our ability to engineer complex mechanical and electrical systems in an occupied building.

Florida Hospital Ormond Memorial
Ormand Beach, Florida


Florida Hospital Ormond Memorial is a 205-bed community hospital offering more than 400 physicians and 1,000 health care professionals.


Construction of this 719,437 square foot replacement hospital, which included a Medical Office Building along with in-patient and out-patient services, was completed in 2008.  Our commissioning services included thorough design reviews and in-depth functional testing of the HVAC systems and automatic temperature controls in all modes of operation. HVAC systems included 32 constant volume reheat systems and a complex central utility plant with central chillers, steam, and hot water boilers.

Due to a lack of controls engineering in the original design documents, a great deal of effort was spent clarifying the design intent, and teaming with design and construction professionals to provide the hospital with complete efficient control systems.  The commissioning of the HVAC Systems and Controls emphasized infectious control, customer and staff comfort, and energy efficiency.  Departments include the Memorial Heart Institute-Catheterization Lab, Diagnostics, Open Heart Surgery, Memorial Cancer Care Center, IMRT, Birth Care Center-Private Suites, Diabetes & Wound Care Center, Home Health, Hospice, Emergency Department, and Surgery (endoscopy, minimally invasive).


This project demonstrates our ability to improve energy conservation in a medical environment.

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