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Design Engineering


Engineering projects offer an exciting opportunity to design systems that are more efficient, easier to maintain, and that challenge the available technology.  Engineering HVAC, lighting, and other systems under a “business as usual” philosophy should not be acceptable.  Why not challenge the norm and explore new ideas for all of these systems? Ventilation and indoor air quality should be excellent yet efficient.  Lighting should address the integration of technology.  All of these goals are achievable if addressed from the start.


STAN Engineers provides a full range of services for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design.  Depending on client needs, our designs vary between complex and cutting-edge to simple and effective.  All of our projects however focus on three key principles:


  • Occupant comfort and health

  • Energy efficiency and life-cycle costs

  • System maintainability

Our approach is unique and provides special value to our customers. STAN provides a complete Basis of Design document for all systems and controls.  This document is based on discussions with the engineering and maintenance staff, and details design conditions, safety factors, future growth assumptions, systems proposed, preferred manufacturers, and overall design philosophy. The document clearly states all information required by your staff to determine if the design is headed in the right direction, and provides information when Value Engineering is required.


STAN calculates heating and cooling loads for all zones on HVAC projects.  The sensible and latent heating and cooling loads are then incorporated into a detailed Excel spreadsheet which calculates required cfm based on heating and cooling loads, minimum air changes, code required ventilation, and similar factors. 


STAN engineers the complete interior and exterior lighting systems to ensure adequate and appropriate lighting.  We work closely with the owner, architect, and lighting fixture manufacturers to provide a lighting design that results in a comfortable, glare-free, low-maintenance lighting system.


STAN engineers each control system.  Equally as important, our engineers have knowledge of control systems second to none.  We know how to accurately control HVAC to maintain optimum comfort, accurate temperature control, and lowest possible energy use. 


STAN assigns an engineer who has been involved with all aspects of the design to the project execution phase.  While this engineer will likely be assisted by other in-house technical staff, they maintain control of observation, progress meetings, submittal review, and all other items included in Construction Administration.


STAN and Associates is truly different.  We provide the engineering approach that meets both your long and short-term needs.  If you examine the life cycle cost of utility bills and maintenance over a 30 to 40 year life of a building, it becomes apparent that a better level of engineering is truly your cost effective choice.

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